Fees: As of April 1st 2024

Professional Appointment Fees

I now work solely from home and have therefore returned to a flat rate fee per session: £100 during normal office hours.

Monday to Friday: 9am till 5.30pm (Wednesday 6.30pm)

Saturday: 9 till 1pm


All appointments are based around 40 minute time slot however it can take longer or less time.


No allowance will be made for late arrival.

First appointments:

Include, initial assessment, osteopathic evaluation of condition, advice upon alternative options to osteopathic treatment and a treatment by me, if treatment is an option.

Follow up treatments:

Follow up sessions are also based around a 40minute appointment slot but just like your dentist it can sometimes take a bit longer or, if you’re lucky, be quicker! After all, you wouldn’t ask your dentist to keep drilling once the job is done.

Includes, where relevant, reassessment, osteopathic evaluation of condition, advice upon alternative options to osteopathic treatment and a treatment by me, if treatment is an option.

Private Medical Insurance

I no longer guarantee that the Major Insurance Companies will honour your legitimate claim.

Rules are continually changing, fee caps and charges for billing are sometimes applied and as such I now require payment on the day and that patients reclaim their fees as appropriate.

Treatment with a Registered Osteopath should be eligible to recoup some or all of your treatment costs from your insurer.

BUT! Please refer to your insurers for their terms and conditions.

You can still see me privately but unfortunately your insurer might NOT pay toward your treatment.

Please note you MUST pre authorise your treatment for insurance claims and will often need GP referral as well.

Osteopathy at your Home in the Office or an On-site visit

Out of Hours fees and Home visits (outcalls)

£200 for the first patient or the first hour, subsequent patients £100 each or £50 charged in 15 minute units or part thereof.

The rate for home visits during normal weekday office hours is £200 per hour for the first hour (minimum 1 hour), £50 thereafter charged in 15 minute units or part thereof.

Fees are calculated from the time booked or arrival time whichever is the earlier.

Waiting time is charged at the full rate.

Parking expenses and Congestion Charge/ Ulez may be charged as an extra.

Travel time to and from your chosen venue is now to be charged at £140 per hour in 15 minute units or part thereof.

Please feel free to enquire for an estimate of cost. I have been doing this for a long time and can give you a good idea of what it will cost and what you can expect from a treatment also it avoids embarrassment on both sides.

Parking expenses and Congestion Charge/Ulez may be charged as an extra. 

Outside of the M25, travel and parking expenses as well as time will be charged. Minimum time 1 hour.

Waiting time charged as appointment time.

Day Rates and/or Overseas treatments

For day rates or treatments abroad, separate rates apply.  Please enquire.

Missed appointments: The full fee will be charged.

Cancellation Fees:
For appointments before 2.30pm the full fee will be charged unless cancellation is received and receipt acknowledged prior to 6.30pm on the day before the appointment.
Appointments after 2.30pm cancellation must be made and receipt acknowledged before 10am on the day of the appointment to avoid the full fee being incurred.

Home visits and out of hours appointments up to 2 hours notice is required to avoid incurring a charge. For less than 2 hours notice being received and receipt acknowledged £50.00 will be charged, except where due to the location of the appointment travel has already been initiated; in such circumstances you will be advised of the cancellation fee at the time.

I understand that sometimes you will need to cancel at short notice where appointments can be filled despite there being a late cancellation the cancellation fee may be waived, you will be informed accordingly.

If I have not acknowledged your cancelling by phone, text, email, Whats-app etc. then you haven’t canceled and I will charge you. So please follow up any unanswered attempt to cancel !