Are you in pain and in Central London and need a practitioner with over 30 years experience in practice?

Harry Phillips, based in Swiss Cottage for the past 6 years having worked mainly in Covent Garden for the previous 25 years, just moments from Swiss Cottage tube station a short distance from Finchley Road and South Hampstead Station and within 2 miles of Baker Street.

Harry Phillips, as a mature student, trained for 4 years at the British School of Osteopathy.

Having graduated in July 1989 he worked as a locum in a number of practices in and around London whilst establishing his own practice within The Jubilee Hall Sports Centre Covent Garden known to many simply as ‘the guy down the corridor at Jubilee’ or simply ‘Harry the Back’.

He is popular with dancers, actors and keen exercisers, as well as those folk working in the offices around Central London with back, neck and joint pain.

Local residents, tourists in hotels and those who have chosen to travel from further afield seek out his particular brand of treatment mainly through word of mouth recommendation.

For over 30 years, Harry has treated all types of shapes, sizes, ages, and professions; from window cleaners to Royalty or world champion sports men and women to keep fit enthusiasts (and reluctant exercisers), from ballet dancers to first time salsa participants, to those that like to sing in the shower or professional opera singers.

The bulk of Harry’s work has centered around the ‘fit and healthy’ who have felt something ‘go’ or ‘go wrong!’.

‘Sadly some people simply seem to be more prone to back pain’.

Office workers, barristers and solicitors, graphic designers and those in TV and theatre, or sales and media and the restaurant industry often seem to ‘suffer for their work’.

Harry has had a long association with some of the best known restaurants in London and is still contacted regularly by their staff who all seem to know of ‘Harry’s hands’ when things got hot in the kitchen.

…….‘osteopathic principles and treatment can be applied to one and all regardless of the individual’s age or the condition they suffer’

‘some symptoms like some people will respond better to treatment and I would say that a patient should know within three sessions if osteopathy or this particular osteopath is right for you……’

The first session starts with a case history and examination.

Once a diagnosis has been reached, treatment can include massage and joint manipulation. Advice on posture, ergonomics, exercise, diet and lifestyle. These things are equally important to osteopaths as the idea is to treat the person rather than the symptoms.

Treatment aims to give pain relief, to promote healing or be the catalyst for change. Conditions treated are as wide ranging as short term spasm or long term aches and pains, injury, strained muscles and joints, breathing difficulties, even stress and tension or headaches and so much more.

Patients suffering from chronic problems can also find they get great benefits from osteopathy where there may be ‘no cure’.

This treatment approach may offer you something different.

…….’It’s not just acute injury or strains that people seek osteopathy for, sometimes osteopathy can help you get through a stressful period and over the effects of stress. Sometimes it can also help you to get that “little extra” out of your body when you need it most !’